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Press Release – May 7, 2015

By May 7, 2015Press

For Immediate Release: Lancera Announces New Service for Security Compliance

Security backlog code remediation helps service providers, enterprises and merchants achieve quicker PCI, SOX and HIPAA compliance.

Provo, UT – May 6, 2015 – Lancera today announced a way for service providers, merchant, and enterprises to achieve quicker compliance with respect to PCI, HIPAA SOX and other standards.

“Once companies undertake a compliance path and begin penetration testing and security auditing, they quickly realize it will take months to fix the software loopholes which they have created. This is known as a security backlog. Unfortunately the business du jour prevents jumping on this immediately,” said Greg Johnson, VP of security strategy at Lancera.

Mr. Johnson continued, “Having spent many years working with companies trying to achieve PCI compliance, I observed that first-timers took six months or more, and it was not uncommon for some entities to spend a year preparing for compliance, no small part of which was fixing their security backlog.”

Lancera’s team of developers will correct anything from SQL injection or clear text passwords to data encryption or myriads of other types of code insufficiencies and vulnerabilities. Such a simple outsourcing engagement will keep business flowing and conserve valuable in-house resources while a team of experts corrects the code.

David McDonald, COO of Lancera, said, “We envision a time savings for our clients of 50% or better by providing this expert service. Instead of six months to compliance, it will take three or less.”

About Lancera: Lancera, the world’s trusted source for cyber security, provides expert penetration testing, assessment services, PCI consulting and software development services. For more information please contact Greg Johnson ([email protected]) at 1-855-LAN-CERA (526-2372).

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