Penetration Testing Services

Are your systems secure?

Every day a new breach is reported by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Since 2005, almost a billion hacks have been recorded, and those are the ones we know about. How secure are your systems?

Penetration testing is also known as benevolent hacking, and is performed by seasoned engineers who find exploits and pursue them in your environment. Those findings are then reported, along with a remediation plan.

Compliance with PCI DSS and HIPAA may require an annual penetration test, or a penetration test as often as major system components are changed. Lancera provides expert engineers in the form of Certified Ethical Hackers and expert application developers to test your systems and applications, both internal and external.

Facts About Penetration or “Pen Testing”:

Here are some interesting facts about Pen testing:

  • True pen testing is often confused with vulnerability scanning, which is an automated process. Pen Testing is performed by an expert who will find and exploit all attack vectors, and report all findings in a professional format.
  • Pen Testing can be “white box”, where all background and system information is provided (this is cheaper but still effective); or “black box”, where no credentials are provided. Lancera does both.
  • Good penetration testing goes beyond web site and firewall vulnerabilities. Security of internal and external applications must also be tested.
  • Pen testing will usually not “down” or “break” your system. Pen testing normally happens real-time and is designed to have minimal impact on system speed and functionality.
  • All possible attack vectors are discovered and reported.

Facts About Lancera Penetration Testing

  • Lancera is committed to customer happiness. That means a genuine concern for your security, and a process that fosters a quality result.
  • We understand compliance- specifically PCI and HIPAA.
  • We do more. We consult with you to understand your environment. We propose the right scope and cost. We advise you as soon as serious vulnerabilities are discovered, enabling you to begin remediation. Finally, we schedule a debrief call to discuss your report.
  • Remediation testing is included in the price of your engagement.

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