Software Development

As organizations aim for higher performance, Software Application Development services are key to providing the tools and systems for advancing strategic goals for the business.  To aid in the customers performance planning, Lancera can provide mission critical software services, including:
·       Enterprise architecture and technology services,
·       Custom software application development, (Web, Cloud, Mobile, Database …)
·       Information management services
·       Contracted Developer services


Lancera’s process uses a full life cycle for software development, which includes a formal define & design stage where we collaboration with the customer on the critical specifications, schedules, testing and documentation for the solution.  This is followed up by Agile process management of the coding, testing and implementation.



  • Application structure design, database design and user interface design.
    • Multi-tier distributed applications can be designed using advanced design technologies such as UML.
  • Application coding for the selected target platform, according to your specification.
    • Our software developers can leverage different development environments and programming languages: PHP, .NET (C#, VB), Java, Ruby on Rails, Delphi, Visual C++, Visual Basic, etc.
    • We can also help you decided which development platform is appropriate for your business requirements and existing technical standards.
  • Re-platforming existing applications onto new technical environments.
    • Porting legacy applications from old or non-standard technologies into the latest software environments can minimize support costs and provide a leverage-able environment for adding value-added system capabilities.
  • Cloud computing and Cloud services based information systems.
    • Development of high-quality and high-performance applications on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Engine Yard, Google App Engine.
  • Development of mobile solutions for existing Internet based Information Systems.
    • IPhone, iPad, Android and other support of your existing services on the mobile platform as native applications.
    • Also cross-platform solutions are available for mobile versions of web-based products.

Whether your application development needs are for custom application development, information management services, or enterprise architecture and technology services, Lancera has the proven expertise to deliver solutions that achieve the results you seek. Best of all, our customer service model is designed for the level of collaboration and teamwork involved with application development to build predictable, long-term relationships.



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