Custom Software Development

Building great software is a our passion, and to be effective we understand the need for great communications, mainly listening to the needs of the client and fully understanding the goals of the project.  It’s the only way we can build the software application you need.

SoftwareConsultingSoftware Consulting

Most of our clients do something other than software development for a living.  Yeah, big shock. They hire us to build custom software, but they also need us to help them make good decisions about their software project. There are a lot of moving parts to a software application, but we do our best to explain things in terms a non-technical person will understand. And that’s the point, right? We help you make an informed decision, not impress you with technical jargon.

Web Development

We wouldn’t be much of a custom software development company if we didn’t offer web development services. In fact, web development is a huge part of our software development efforts today, although mobile applications built for iPhone and Android devices are gaining ground steadily. If you have a web development project we can help you. We’ve built web applications for a variety of companies.

Mobile App Development

Today, mobile app development is becoming a big part of our business. I know, it’s shocking. We build custom iPhone and Android apps for a variety of uses. We have been developing mobile apps for the iPhone from the first day it was released by Apple, on March 6th, 2008. Although we don’t build mobile app games, we do build mobile apps for a variety of other uses.

Lancera helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry, including: