Custom Software

Our commitment to long-term partnerships are
supported by full cycle services covering every
aspect of application development and implementation.
We offer complete transparency of the development and
We are capable of executing the most complex and
ambitious projects, ensuring high solution maintainability, performance, scalability and system integration.

Help Desk
Tech Support
Customer Service

Lancera BPO Services removes the burden and
growing expense of Customer Care off your shoulders
and into our wheelhouse of expertise and excellence.
Lancera offers you the scalability and flexibility to offer
your customers Excellence in Service 7/24/365 if that is
your need.

IT Consulting

Lancera's management consulting services
delivers measurable value and high performance.
We provide a mix of proven technology and processes
to meet our clients most important business objectives.
We help our clients to deal with the disconnect between
IT and overall business strategy.


consultingCombining a solid understanding of business processes with deep industry implementation rigor and knowledge, our consulting gives leaders practical solutions tailored to their most crucial business challenges.

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Software Development

technologyLancera provides a broad, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations translate their strategic business agendas into IT initiatives and solutions that measurably improve performance.

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Outsourcing Services

outsourcingLancera’s experience and global capabilities makes us one of the world leaders in application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing and bundled outsourcing management.

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Our Clients


Lancera provides a variety of services to organizations and to their leaders to help them plan change and deal with unexpected change. Our goal is to teach our clients to master change, not to become the victim of it.


In today’s demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions.


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has evolved from its earlier phases to now become a strategic partner who can explore innovative and high-value solutions for customers while also handling existing processes.

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